Twitter Headers: Dan and Phil

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Hi! I made dan and phil headers! i originally made dan one like this when dan did #headerfordan but i made it really quickly and i think these ones are so much better, plus i made a phil one! The backgrounds are from adventure time and i dont know where the pixels of dan and phil are from, if the person who made them reads this then soz but i hope u dont mind.

I’ve watermarked them because people tend to take the credit for things you make, been there done that. I hope no-one minds its hardly noticeable anyway, but you dont have to tweet me credit on twitter (would be nice) (my twitter is @q_uibbler), but like or reblog this post to show your appreciation (: 

Thank you.

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      PSD173  by ck-edition

If you like or download, PLEASE like or reblog      
don’t repost. Likes always inspire me create moreThe more you like and reblog more inspired I get.         >download<     

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psd 485 by atnlovers
Your like it is very important to us.
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psd 143 - download

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PSD 32

download da/direct

hey! im back, after my exams, i’ll be here more regularly from now on until god knows when :s enjoy x

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Sorry for lack of updates, I am seriously busy with school and everything will hopefully turn to normal mid-december ^__^

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psd 31

downloads: mf/da

hope you enjoy xx

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i made a little dress/skirt suspender type thing and i think its really cute??? something different on my blog but enjoy(if you have animal crossing)!!!!

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PSD 30

downloads - deviantart/mediafire(direct)

enjoy, sorry its been so long! x

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Tutorial: swirly branch edge thing

I’ve decided to make a tutorial on how to achieve something like this:


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