spontaneous emma watson edit (tutorial?)

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RESOURCES turned 2 today!

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narnia psd -  this psd was created for The Chronicles of Narnia movie trilogy and it adds warm and vibrant hues to the gif. It can be used for both light and dark scenes, it only needs adjusting brightness.

  • contains vibrance
  • brightens up and adds colour
  • contains additional b&w layer
  • contains optional gradient layer to achieve more vintage look
  • please like/reblog if downloading
  • [download]

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I just wanted to re-upload this .PSD because everyone seemed to like it, and so do I, so I wanted to make it better.

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PSD 33

Hi! Sorry I’ve been extremely inactive, I’ve been very busy with school. My summer starts in two weeks after the 10 exams I have. I’m supposed to be revising maths right now and I don’t really have an excuse except “I’m tired”. I will post more Photoshop things soon, maybe some tutorials, but for now, just this. I hope you enjoy, I like this PSD lots :)

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Twitter Headers: Dan and Phil

Click on the pictures to get them in full size, and better quality.

(The backgrounds are from adventure time and i dont know where the pixels of dan and phil are from, if the person who made them reads this then soz but i hope u dont mind.

I’ve watermarked them because people tend to take the credit for things you make, been there done that. I hope no-one minds its hardly noticeable anyway.

Thank you.)

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      PSD173  by ck-edition

If you like or download, PLEASE like or reblog      
don’t repost. Likes always inspire me create moreThe more you like and reblog more inspired I get.         >download<     

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psd 485 by atnlovers
Your like it is very important to us.
Download — cl

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psd 143 - download

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PSD 32

download da/direct

hey! im back, after my exams, i’ll be here more regularly from now on until god knows when :s enjoy x

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